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Maintenance After the installation and acceptance of the owner's elevator, the 12-month warranty service period of Dior products will be entered
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Elevator Renovation
DIAO's renovation and renovation of existing equipment allows you to have no worries at all.
Specialized service institutions
The vision of DIAO is to lead the market with customer service. Under this concept, DIAO Elevator Co., Ltd. is equipped with engineering and technical personnel, project management personnel, on-site engineers, technicians, and other professional personnel to transform the control technology, driving technology, operating system, and decoration effect of elevators used by customers. The renovation integrates consultation, quotation, configuration, production, installation, and debugging, providing one-stop and comprehensive services.
Introduction to Transformation Business
By providing the latest technology and high-quality services, DIAO's old elevator renovation is at the forefront of the industry. The engineers involved in the renovation of old elevators will provide you with a one-stop service. Based on the customer's existing equipment quantity and renovation requirements, a comprehensive and systematic renovation will be carried out after developing the most suitable renovation plan. The renovation has a small impact on the use of buildings, low investment, and short construction period. The renovated escalator will save more power, reduce daily maintenance costs, and recover the investment cost within a few years.
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